“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Peter Drucker
Success in finding top talent relies on your recruiter truly understanding your business and its DNA, your needs, plans, objectives and your aspirations. This demands market insight, recruitment expertise and above all, a business instinct which can only truly be gained through a lifetime’s practice.
Each member of our hand-picked team has been immersed in recruitment in the Hospitality sector for 20 years or more. We all adopt a highly personalised, professional but accessible approach, and yet retain a passion for the businesses and people we work with.


Roddy Watt


Roddy has been at the forefront of executive recruitment in the Hospitality sphere for over 30 years. The co-founder and CEO of The Berkeley Scott Group which he established in 1984 and floated in 2004, he created the benchmark for excellence in recruitment in the Hospitality sector. Today, Roddy directs the small, hands-on team at Buell and keeps his hand in managing a small number of senior level assignments himself. His knowledge of the sector in encyclopedic!


Kathryn Davies

Director of Recruitment

Kathryn has been involved in Executive Search and Project Recruitment for over quarter of a century. She worked for several companies in the Hospitality recruitment sector before joining The Berkeley Scott Group in 1994 to head up the company’s Outsourced Resourcing Solutions division. Ultimately, Director of Operations for the 200-strong Group, she has been part of Buell for over 5 years. Kathryn has exceptional understanding and instincts for reading a company’s DNA and identifying exactly the right fit.


Lucy Simons

Head of Research

Lucy has been involved in Executive Research for more than 20 years. A member of International Service Industry Search, the Executive Search arm of The Berkeley Scott Group, Lucy is a career researcher with a wealth of experience in Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, and the wider B2B sectors. Lucy’s knowledge and networks in these fields are second to none, as is her ability to identify the very best talent in relation to even the toughest brief.


Rachel Peel

Head of Administration

Rachel has been involved in administration in a number of business environments for over 14 years. A part of the Buell team for some some 3 years, she has developed a thorough understanding of the particular characteristics and requirements of business owners and operators in the Hospitality sector. At the heart of every effective business is a well-oiled administrative engine. Rachel ensures that Buell’s engine runs without a hiccup!

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